Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

Team Jefferson relies on national research from the Kauffman Foundation and Center for Rural Entrepreneurship on rural economic prosperity. Our 4 strategic priorities maximize our rural community's existing assets and strengths, primarily our location, environment, and our business people who are artists, artisans, skilled trades people, innovators, and advanced technologists.

Team Jefferson believes in proactive management of our economic future.

The reactive approach does not produce results or undesired results. Being proactive means that Team Jefferson identities potential business opportunities that can be started in Jefferson County or purchased and relocated to the County. A central element to this strategy is to team with WSU’s Research Foundation to identify potential University Intellectual Property that could provide the impetus to form a business in the area.

Energize Entrepreneurs

Small businesses are key to the US economy. In the fourth quarter of 2009, they created 54% of all new jobs. They have generated 64% of net new jobs over the past 15 years, represent 99.7% of all employer firms, and employ over half of all private-sector employees. We coach, support, establish and expand companies within our identified industry clusters . In partnership with WSU Jefferson County Extension , we have assisted over 40 new food & farm entrepreneurs. (more) (data sources: US Labor Dept & US Small Business Administration)

Attract & Keep 18-35 year-olds

Vibrant, innovative and healthy communities need young professionals. We connect skilled young people to share ideas, grow green businesses, and make a life here in Jefferson County. Networking initiatives include the Rhody Revolution and Green Drinks, a networking opportunity for green and social benefit businesses. (more)

Increase Access to Capital

Team Jefferson fosters access to local capital through local community re-investment programs. We maintain an active partnership with LION, the Local Investment Opportunities Network and WSU Jefferson County Extension. In addition, we are exploring options for establishing a Community Development Fund. (more)

Support strong public / private partnerships

We are a leader in bringing the social justice focus and investment potential of the public sector to the efficiency and innovative spirit of the private sector. Team Jefferson effectively convenes, coordinates and implements local public-private partnerships to solve challenges and invest in the local economy. (more)

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